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Parent Teacher Association Elections

Parent Teacher Association aims to empower connection between the school and the parents; enable coordination; and support the improvement of academic life at the school. In 2015-2016 Parent Teacher Association elections, which were held in 05.10.2015, Güldren Güzel, Elif Okşan Çalıkoğlu Aydın Tezcan, M.Nuran Akçay and Rahmi Özkurt were elected for the high school; Sezer Oğraş, and Yurdagül Demir for the primary school; and Hakan Derelioğlu for the middle school. In the elections Ayhan Toptaş and Celal Biçkici were chosen for the inspectorate committee while Gülderen Güzel was chosen to be the president of Parent Teacher Association. We wish success to all the members of the Parent Teacher Assocaition.

For your kind attention.