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General Information

An historical city situated on the oxygen-rich skirts of Palandoken Mountain, Erzurum boasts a unique cultural legacy.

Having a growing population, Erzurum is one of the largest cities of the Eastern Anatolian Region. It has a humid continental climate, receiving heavy rain and snow during winter and lots of sunlight in summer.

Due to its geographical location at the crossroads of the ancient trade routes, the cultural heritage of Erzurum has been nurtured by many societies since the Chalcolithic and the Early Bronze Ages, including a rich culinary legacy.

Erzurum is a great destination for those following the Anatolian influence in an eastern geography, willing to get carried away in the atmosphere of a remote city.


Being one of the most important cities of the region in modern Turkey, Erzurum hosts a multicultural legacy that deserves to be discovered.

To get to know the city’s history here are the major museums to visit: Archaeology Museum, Ataturk House Museum, Yakutiye Madrasa Turkish-Islamic Works and Ethnography Museum, and the July 23 Congress Hall. These museums shed light on the far and near history of the city. In addition, you might want to see Erzurum Castle, which used to be on the Silk Road, and the Three Kumbets (Tombs), with unique architectural styles.

There are ruins of many constructions that were used to protect and watch the city. The Watch Tower, the castles Narman Samikale, Erzurum, Pasinler, Ispir and Oltu, all bear spectacular architectural styles carrying the traces of history.

As a transition spot between Asia and Anatolia, Erzurum also thrived as a religious center. Penek Village Church, Virgin Mary Church, Lala Mustafa Pasa Mosque, Ulu (Grand) Mosque, Georgian Gate Mosque are among the historically religious attractions visited frequently.

Elmali Cam Cave and Yildizkaya Village Cave are two of the natural wonders of the city. With their corridors decorated with stalactites and stalagmites, they give the feeling of an unworldly air.

For winter sports enthusiasts, Erzurum’s Palandoken is home to one of the attractive ski tracks in the country and the world. The period between December 10 and May 10, the Palandoken Ski Center opens its doors to a breathtaking skiing experience, including ski touring and Alpine touring in addition to heli-skiing (an off-trail or downhill route accessed by a helicopter). A T-bar lift, a telecabine lift and three chair lifts are also available.

To shake off your fatigue and relax in the healing springs, the spas in downtown are just for you. The health spas of Ilica, Pasinler and Akdag provide its visitors with medicinal and mineral-rich springs.

The ecologically rich Coruh Basin is excellent for rafting on the Coruh River and trekking on the Dumlu Mountains, situated on the northern tip of the city. While you are around, you should as well visit Lake Tortum and its spectacular waterfalls almost 50 meters in height.

Last but not least, Erzurum cuisine is there to thrill you. Ayran dish soup (a hearty yoghurt soup with chickpeas and wheat), cag kebab (a rotating kebab variety), su boregi (Turkish cheese lasagna), tandir ketesi (a type of scone prepared with butter and cooked in an earthen oven) and borani (boiled potatoes served with a yoghurt sauce) accompanied by desserts such as kadayif dolmasi (sweet pastry with walnut) and dut cullamasi (prepared with mulberry molasses) are sure to leave their delicious marks in your memory.


The Eastern Anatolian city of Erzurum is a prominent destination for the winter sports lovers. The city also offers many other festivals year round.

Oltu Uzunoluk Koroglu Festival, the Commemoration of the Poet Nefi, and the festivals dedicated to Honey, Apple and Greased Wrestling are some of the cultural activities of the pleasant summer days.

How can I go there?

Transportation is never difficult in Erzurum, one of most developed cities in Anatolia.

The easiest and quickest way to get to Erzurum Airport is a transfer from Ankara Ataturk Airport. After you get off the plane, the service busses, public transportation and taxis provide rides from the airport to your destination in the city.

The information has been taken from Ministry of Culture and Tourism official web site