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Academic Integrity

High school, which constitutes a major stage in human life, contributes to indi-viduals’ lives in terms of general knowledge, basic sciences and ethics. Throughout the high school years, academic integrity is of great importance both in class and outside of class.
At Ihsan Dogramaci Bilkent Erzurum Laboratory School, within the scope of both the national curriculum and international curricula (IBDP & IGCSE), academic integrity is in the foreground of all the academic work students carry out.
Academic integrity is a concept that we have adopted to encourage students and academic staff to avoid dishonesty through plagiarism. Plagiarism includes using anot-her author’s research, ideas, or language without acknowledging the source, inappro-priate referencing, copying someone else’s work and presenting copied work as your own.
At BELS, in our academic activities, we act in accordance with the academic in-tegrity policy and follow the citation and referencing APA style, (American Psychologi-cal Association), which has international validity in written and visual assessment. In addition, every single assignment is checked for plagiarism using TURNITIN-a system to detect plagiarism.
At BELS academic integrity is a part of our school life. All of our students strive to earn the respect of the society in which they live and be a role-model for others.