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Athletics at BELS

At BELS all high school students have the opportunity to be a member of one of our athletic teams.  Our school competes in different tournaments and leagues locally in Erzurum, cities around Turkey, and internationally.  Our coaches work hard to give the athletes a great experience and to achieve all the benefits of being part of a team.  Sports in a high school are a great way to build tradition and create pride within your school.  Sports are a very important aspect to being a balanced student.  It is a way for these young men and women to escape from the very difficult workload they have every day.  Sports teaches responsibility, cooperation, hard work, commitment, and let’s be honest they are a lot of fun.  Another important aspect to athletics and being part of a team is you build relationships and friendships, which will last a lifetime.

The school has the following teams:

Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball

Boys’ and Girls’ Volleyball

Boys’ and Girls’ Football (Soccer)

Boys’ and Girls’ Skiing

Boys’ and Girls’ badminton

Boys’ and Girls’ Track and Field