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Parent Teacher Association


In accordance with Erzurum BELS vision,

To carry out activities that will provide opportunities to raise individuals who contribute to exceeding the level of contemporary civilization in our society and also who become examples in the national field and respectable in the international field.


In accordance with the principle of the founder of our school, Prof. Dr. İhsan Doğramacı, who spent his life serving children, youth and all humanity, “further, to the best”,

To help our school develop its goals and objectives by ensuring continuous communication between parents and school management while raising individuals who are aware of contemporary world, on Atatürk’s path, creative and who will change the direction of the future education.

To enrich the existing social and cultural activities aimed at increasing the success and knowledge of our children.

To to present ideas, suggestions and comments on the points of development of the contractors of the school in order to increase the service quality of the supplier companies in which the school works to ensure parent student satisfaction.

2023-2024 Academic Year

Parent Teacher Association

Board Members Board of Supervisors
Zeynep Çakır (President of Parent Teacher Association) Zeliha Semerci
Asena Kübra Terim Kapakin
Mehmet Melikoğlu
Emine Çinici
Murat Özdemir
Sevda Doğan
Yıldız Turgut