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Activities and Ceremonies

9G1A5982 (Medium)In our school, students take place in activities from prep year to senior year based on their skills. We aim at having different students for each academic and social stage presentations and develop their empathetic thinking and analysis skills.

We have been celebrating the national days in the light of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk’s principles. In this sense our students improve their social and historical responsibilities.

9G1A2945 (Medium)Apart from national days, we have been realizing some of the important activities with the help of Science, Mathematics, Turkish Language and Literature, English, Social Studies, and Counselling Departments. The aim of these activities is to help our students to create a meaningful tie between academic studies and real life conditions.

Some of the activities that are marked in our school:

  • Mole Day
  • HIV Awareness Day
  • Isaac Newton Day
  • Darwin Day
  • World Water Day
  • DNA Day
  • Library Week