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Our school’s Turkish Language and Literature Department has adopted a literary-focused educational approach that is shaped by skills that are expected from a 21 st century individual, with a particular focus on having a humanitarian and intellectual concern, information literacy, creative thinking skills, problem solving skills and being a global minded individual. Requirements and expectations of MEB Turkish Language and Literature curriculum, IGCSE Language A curriculum and IB Turkish curriculum are all implemented to the highest standards. As a result of that our students find themselves in an environment where they can grow to be individuals who are inquiring, analyzing, self-aware, creative and capable of presenting unique and creative works that follow the rules of Turkish language in both spoken
and written forms, who have earned a critical perspective and acquired an aesthetic taste by being familiar to global and Turkish literature.

What do we expect from our students?

  • For them to be critical and free-thinking readers.
  • Analyzing and criticizing what they have read, watched or listened to and developing their expressive skills, whether being written or spoken, to the utmost limit.
  • Comprehending the nature, implications, and the meaning of literature for the society.
  • Familiarizing themselves with different cultures and trends from different eras and respecting them by adopting an intercultural perspective.
  • Getting to know Turkish culture and subtleties of Turkish language via literary works.
  • Using Turkish consciously and thoughtfully.
  • Using expression strategies that respond to target audience whether in written or spoken form.
  • Using their native language correctly and influentially.
  • Having the highest level of succession in national and international exams.

What do we do?

  • We educate students who are competent in the native language, who are aware of the connections between culture and language, who have internalized their national culture and conscious about the use of language and capable of using their native language both in written in spoken form.
  • In addition to selections that are prepared at every level of high school and Turkish Language and Literature books, we conduct studies that focus on understanding, analyzing, researching, commenting, and evaluating 4 or more literary works in their entirety.
  • In the preparatory school, we provide our students with the fundamental expectations of our school and subject area.
  • For 9 th and 10 th grades, we plan our lessons to help our students develop fundamental knowledge and skills for the IGCSE Language A curriculum.
  • By integrating activities that is focused on ability to read and understand any kind of work of art into our curriculum, we contribute to the development of intellectual perspectives that our students will need throughout their lives.
  • We prepare course materials using educational strategies that are revised and updated every year in accordance with the needs of the students and the changing student profile.
  • In DP Turkish lessons, we ensure active learning with activities such as debate and drama, where they will gain high level thinking skills.
  • We design our DP courses in a way that will enable students to achieve the highest success in the IB exams by reading 9 works in SL and 13 in HL, in line with the student profile that IB aims to develop.
  • We closely follow our students in their studies by instilling the academic honesty principles of our school.
  • We design our lessons by differentiating them according to the needs and knowledge levels of the students and by forming connections to what is up to date.
  • We take measures to ensure students always evaluate success by diversifying measurement and evaluation.

Book list of Turkish Language and Literature Department