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Storytelling Activity with Jno Didrickson

On November 28, 2020, we organized a Storytelling Event with Alaskan artist, Jno Didrickson. The event was held to support our efforts to replace school equipment due to a fire in September 2020 at Söğütlü Primary School.

The participants were taken on a virtual journey to Alaska with the traditional stories told by Jno Didrickson. Jno Didrickson explained the importance of totems in Alaskan nature and Tlingit culture. The activity began with an interview in which he answered questions about his art, hometown, and tribe. Didrickson shared both digital images and the presentation of the pieces in his personal collection with his camera. The audience, no matter the age, was captivated by his storytelling. Didrickson seamlessly integrated his crates, masks, and other artwork to dramatize Tlingit’s legends.