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The Blue Butterfly Project

The Blue Butterfly Project aims to help students who need financial aid in the Province of Erzurum by securing donations such as gift vouchers, tablets, or books in order to ensure equal opportunities in education. Various activities are organized by the volunteer project team to give the Bilkent family opportunities to participate in the collection of funds and materials. 

The most recent activity organized within the scope of the Blue Butterfly Education Support Project was the 80s Themed Virtual Party Event. The Blue Butterfly team, which aimed to provide an exciting and entertaining evening in order to collect donations. The program began with a virtual concert from Göktuğ Kahyaoğlu and a costume contest which both focused on the 80s theme.  Next, participants joined two 80s themed Kahoot!s to test their knowledge of the decade and secure a prize. The evening concluded with an auction of various iconic items donated by our BELS in order to gain funds for the program. This added great entertainment to the overall event.  

The main goal of Blue Butterflies is to provide equal opportunities and access to high quality education by touching new lives around the region. The Blue Butterflies are grateful to the participants for the endless support and interest you have provided to them on this path and also state that they will continue to beat their wings for a happier tomorrow with the help of the Bilkent family.

You can follow the Instagram account of the project: @mavi_kelebek_bels and subscribe to the YouTube channel in order to be aware of and support the new events of the Blue Butterfly Education Support Project. For donations or service actions, you can contact us at

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