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Burak Alanyalıoğlu has qualified as Genius Olympiad Finalist

Genius Science provides understanding and solutions to environmental problems using scientific knowledge. Students are expected to present a solution using scientific method for a problem.

Genius Olympiad seeks solutions to problems related to indoor and outdoor air quality; the health effects of air, water, soil, radiation, and noise pollution; pollution management (e.g., systems for early warning or control of polluting incidents); the measurement of pollution; waste water treatment and remediation; solid waste treatment and remediation; the effects of radiation and more.

One of our students from 9th Grade, Burak Alanyalıoğlu, who has applied for Genius Olympiad this year with the project “Removal of Safranin from the Environment by Using Graphene Oxide Paper”, has qualified as a finalist.

We, as BELS family, congratulate him for his great success.