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Child Protection Training at BELS

The well-being and welfare of our children are among our main goals at Bilkent Erzurum Laboratory School (BELS). In line with our sensitivity to this issue, the “Child Protection Program” training was given to all parents, teachers, school employees and other stakeholders in November.

The Child Protection Program training in our Guidance Program in December was arranged in accordance with the age of our students. All of our students attended this training with great interest. Within the scope of the training, information about children, what is child protection, United Nations Declaration on the Rights of the Child, expected behaviors from adults and children and the process of child protection were given. The training courses will take place throughout the school this year to ensure all stakeholders understand Child Protection. Students, parents, employees, and teachers who will be newly enrolled in the school in the coming years will also attend this training. In this way, we aim to ensure that all individuals in our school internalize and implement the Child Protection Procedure.