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Philosophy Day

Every year one day in the third week of November is celebrated as “Philosophy Day”. Declared by UNESCO, this week is helps us universalize some principles of UNESCO. Philosophy suggests that the source of war and conflict is human mind. Because all negative incidents start in human mind, philosophy day is celebrated in order to highlight the importance of philosophy.  In the framework of Philosophy Day Programme, our students presented visual and informative activities in order to raise awareness for the role and significance of philosophy in our lives.

In addition, the Assistant Professor Dr. Ali Utku, s an instructor in the Department of Philosophy at Atatürk University, delivered a speech called “What is Philosophy?”. The aim of the speech was to question the meaning of philosophy, to investigate the approaches of ancient philosophers, to investigate the relationship of philosophy with the other disciplines and to analyze the approaches of contemporary philosophers. This speech helped students understand the meaning of philosophy and its relation to the other disciplines. We would like to thank our students, teachers and the members of administrative team who made this event possible.

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