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Our Success in May 2014 IBDP

During the 2012-2014 Academic Years, BELS students completed all the requirements of the IB Diploma Programme and sat the exams successfully in May 2014.

In the examinations of the International Baccalaureate which took place in the May 2014 Session, our students took 14-19 exams in total. These exams were conducted in accordance with the international exam standards and regulations.

All of our students got higher than 26 points. Based on the assessment by the International Baccalaureate Organization, the percentages of grades are as follows;

25-45 score interval: % 100

30-45 score interval: % 93.4

Average points obtained by our students who passed the diploma programme is 35 out of 45.

This year the success rate of the school is 100 % and the lowest score is 26 points in the May 2014 Session; whereas, the success rate of the school was 98 % and the lowest score was 25 points last year in the May 2013 Session.

Due to this success achieved by our school in the IB Diploma Programme examinations, we would like to congratulate 46 BELS IB DP graduates, their parents and teachers, all of whom contributed to their success in this endeavor as well as wishing them success ahead.