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Fifth Annual Career Day


On 18’th of January, Bilkent Erzurum Laboratory School had organized the fifth annual career day. The career day is a project that is welcomed warmly by the students in each year. The program aims to inform the students in the school about the professions and guides them to make the best decisions in their future plans. The students have the chance to talk with the guests and ask their questions freely about any topic that they are curious. This year the school had hosted: Prof. Dr. Uğurhan Akyüz from ODTÜ (Construction Engineering), Prof. Dr. Bilal Tanatar from Bilkent University (Physics/Astronomy), Prof. Dr. Mazhar Semih Baskan from Okan  University (Medicine/General Surgeon), Assistant Prof Dr. Barış Özbilen from Bilkent University (Law), Assistant Prof Dr. Ercüment Çiçek from Bilkent University (Computer Engineering), Dr.Nermin Gündüz from Erzurum Bölge Araştırma Hospital (Psychiatrist), Okan Can from TANAP (Biologist), Emrah Çoban from Kafkas  University (Senior Biologist/Science Coordinator), İrem Yıldırım from REM/Beymen (Fashion and Textile Designer), Sabrican Odabaşı from Atlas  Overseas Education Consultancy (Samsun Regional Manager). With the variety of occupations students are invited to choose the jobs that they are interested in. This program leads the students to have a plan for their future even from the beginning of the high school which helps them to be more determined people for the rest of their life. As Confucius said: “ Choose a job that you like and you will never work a day in your life.”