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World Migratory Bird Day


The Biology Department at BELS celebrated “World Migratory Bird Day” to raise Prep students’ awareness on birds’ roles in a sustainable environment. The activities organized for the day are united by a common theme for 2017: “Their future is our future”. As we share the same planet with birds, the day highlights the interdependence of people and nature especially with migratory birds.

The students had a chance to practice several activities about the types of migratory birds, general information about bird migration,  their migration strategies, the hazards during their journey, and the features of migratory birds’ especially as they fly through  Erzurum, showing their migration route on a map and bird-watching on the BELS campus.

In the light of international mindedness, our students have started to become responsible members of a community and global citizens. In addition, they developed and demonstrated their attributes of caring, communication, thinking, open-mindedness, reflection, and having an inquisitive personality, as defined in the IGCSE and IBDP learner profiles.