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BELS students win 4th place in the Peace in the Street Global Film Festival (PSGFF)

Mehmet Rıfat Özkurt and Muhammed Onur Takım, high school students from Grade 10 at Bilkent Erzurum Laboratory School (BELS), have been awarded fourth place in the 14-18 year old category at the Peace in the Streets Global Film Festival (PSGFF).  “The Hook”, focusing on a local tradition of helping the poor, promotes a message that “sharing brings happiness and peace”.

The Peace in the Street Global Film Festival (PSGFF) is an international platform for young filmmakers who are 18 and younger. It enables them to express what they would do to maintain peace in the streets. Organized by the Peacemaker Corps Association, the festival has reached over 150,000 teens since 1999. The Peacemaker Corps claims its mission as “to facilitate and support peace while educating tolerance among the youth of the world”.

As part of their success in the contest, Mehmet Rıfat and Muhammed Onur have been invited to the United Nations Headquarters to receive their prize. The short film can be accessed through the link below.