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BELS 7th Career Day

The 7th BELS Career Day was held on 3 January 2019. The participants of the event were Dr. Zühre Sü Gül, from Bilkent University Department of Architecture, Asst. Prof. Dr. Ali Osmay Güre, Head of Molecular Biology and Genetics Department from Bilkent University, , Prof. Dr. Fazlı Can, from Bilkent University Computer Engineering Department, Assoc. Dr. Selim Hanay from Bilkent University Mechanical Engineering Department, Asst. Prof. Dr. Doğu Erdener Head of Psychology Department from Middle East Technical University Northern Cyprus Campus, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ümit Arslan, Cardiovascular Surgeon from Atatürk University, Eray Karayazıcı, International Economics Specialist, Ebru Akalp Kuzu, TÜBİTAK Researcher/Engineer, Merve Denizli, Nutritionist. This year, also BELS graduates 23rd Term Judge Candidate Abdülhamit Tanrıseven, Lawyer Yusuf Islam Şeflek, Medical Doctor Erdal Ersoy and Pilot Ömer Faruk Yılmaz from Turkish Airlines participated in our Career Day event. We would like to thank our guests for this fruitful event.