Mission and Vision



BELS will make a significant contribution to the development of Turkey serving as an exemplary and respected educational institution nationally and internationally.


BELS is a laboratory school that leads and inspires innovative learning and success through challenging national and international programmes.

In keeping up with Atatürk’s principles, BELS:

  • develops language abilities, intercultural competence, social responsibility and academic competitiveness,
  • nurtures confident, creative and informed decision makers,
  • provides leadership opportunities, and preparing students to shape the future.

Action Plan:

  1. To establish BELS as a model for existing and future schools.
  2. To achieve national and international success through a tailored curriculum employing differentiation techniques in student-centered classrooms, highly competent staff, academically-oriented students and a high-quality learning environment.
  3. To provide the staff and faculty professional development opportunities.
  4. To promote global digital citizenship.
  5. To develop and maintain a culture of well-being in the school in accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.
  6. To undertake community service projects in cooperation with The Ministry of National Education, schools, universities or the stakeholders.