Mission and Vision


To extend our modern educational, teaching and learning practises throughout the country;

  • to contribute to the development of our nation to help it to take its rightful place in the contemporary world
  • to be an exemplary institution in the country and to be respected in the world; and

To be an institution providing a modern and effective learning environment, with

  • opportunities in advanced technology
  • international standards and
  • well-qualified staff

In the light of Atatürk’s principles, to be an institution which

  • has totally internalized national and cultural values
  • thinks independently
  • is self-assured
  • thinks scientifically and creatively
  • will lead the changes of the future
  • educates individuals aware of the modern world
  • is a science and culture centre in the region

1) To establish the İhsan Doğramacı Foundation Bilkent Erzurum Laboratory School as a model for the schools that will be founded in the future and establish the culture of the institution.

2) To achieve success nationally and internationally through a modern curriculum, qualified staff, academically-oriented students and an effective educational environment

  • to ensure the professional development of the staff
  • to carry out outcome-based, high quality educational applications with international standards
  • to arouse the technological infrastructure of the school is improved and utilized

3)To undertake a societal responsibility by laying the foundations for the strategic cooperation among The Ministry of National Education, the university, the school and the parents.

4) To be a dynamic institution committed to quality in administration, sharing common culture and values, and having a consistent structure.

  • to develop and maintain a strategic management system.
  • to realize the growth and development of the institution in terms of quality and quantity of teaching and administrative staff, students and physical background.
  • to be open to collaboration as a prestigious institution on national and international grounds.