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General Information

The Laboratory Schools admissions-acceptance and scholarships, which will be given to the students are organised in accordance with the Entrance Examination and Scholarship Directive, which are based on the following principles. Nursery School students’ acceptance is organised as regards to the candidate registration system. If the registration number for the prospective applicants exceeds the number of the quota, the final admissions are made by means of drawing lots in front of the notary public.

a) The number of the students who will be admitted to the Nursery School and Prep-School are determined taking into consideration the recommendations of the Board of Directors.

b) Candidate registration, final registrations, transfer, entrance exams and application deadlines, which are specified by the regulations shall be determined taking the time periods into account specified in each academic year and will be announced after obtaining the approval of Board of Directors.

c) The Laboratory Elementary School graduates who want to continue high school are accepted to the preparatory classes, in case they succeed in school entrance exams.

d) For those who want to continue to the 9th grade classes without attending the high school preparation class are required to take the school’s foreign language placement exam. The students who pass the exam are able to continue to the 9th grade.

e) It is essential that one of the parents of the students are inhabited in the cities where the school is located. The children, whose parents do not reside in the city where the school is located, are able to take the exam. However, in order to be admitted to the school parents of the students must certify the residence requirement, at the admission date latest. Parents’ residence requirement continues during the education of the student. The children whose parents cannot meet this requirement will be dismissed from the school. The School Board individually determines the requirements for the students, who do not have any parents.

f) Students for High Schools preparation classes are accepted in accordance with the Entrance Exam and Scholarships Directive. It is essential to evaluate the students’ general skills, levels of education, capabilities of music and art in the entrance examinations.

g) The Entrance Exam results are notified to the parents by the school management, after obtaining an approval from the Board of Directors. The notification sent to the parents indicates the exact admission dates and required documents for the students admitted to the school.

Admissions are made on the indicated dates for the students who have the right to enroll to the school.