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In our developing global world, foreign language knowledge broadens cultural, intellectual and professional horizons and enables understanding of interrelationships and differences between cultures. We support the importance of having a second foreign language in order to be able to benefit from the possibilities of study abroad.

The German curriculum, based on the four language skills, supports students’ worldview, intercultural communication, project-based learning and student-centered education. Our achievements are organized according to four language skills “, including listening, reading, speaking, and writing “ and a student-centered approach. We attach importance to educating our students as active participants and researching individuals. It is aimed that students should be active in school, national  projects and international studies the in addition to activities carried out in the classroom.

Achievements are addressed within the scope of the European Languages Common Framework Classification and are aimed at reaching students in A2 / B1 in the national program and B1 + / B2 in the IBDP program.

Our students can also develop German language skills by choosing IGCSE German (0525) and IB Language B German courses in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program and the Cambridge University International Secondary Education Certificate.