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High School Office Hours

Science Department Office Hours 2019-2020

Teacher Day Office Hours
Oğuzhan Özcan Wednesday 1st and 2nd
Mehmet Kılıç Thursday 8th and 9th
Asif Syed Monday 3rd and 4th
Bige Kılıç Tuesday 1st and 2nd
Özge Keşaplı Can Friday 7th and 8th
Tessa Siebrits Friday 1st and 2nd
Yasin Güneri Friday 8th and 9th
Steve Murphy Wednesday 8th and 9th

Specialists Department Office Hours 2019-2020

Lies Warlop Friday 8th and 9th
Renee Oosthuisen Tuesday 7th and 8th
Erin Power Friday 3rd and 4th
Erdal Vuraler Thursday 1st and 2nd
Aylin Ekşi Monday and Tuesday 2nd and 3rd

Turkish Department Office Hours 2019-2020

Hülya Bayram Tuesday 3rd and 4th
Cennet Bozkurt Tuesday 3rd and 4th
Gülşah Akbulut Thursday 5th and 6th
Sedat Yılmaz Thursday 7th and 8th
Adnan Sayım Thursday 2nd and 3rd

Department of Foreign Languages

Melanie Swetz Monday 3rd and 4th
Tanya Smiley Monday 3rd and 4th
Jeanette Kutach Monday 4th and 8th
Nalan Kaplan Wednesday 3rd and 4th
Joseph Malloy Thursday 5th and 6th
Ethan Abata Wednesday 1st and 2nd
Donna Nyilasi Monday 2nd and 3rd
Yasemin Kuş Friday 1st and 2nd
Donna Johnson Thursday 3rd and 4th
Aya Shalaby Friday 1st and 2nd
Nuriye Doğan Wednesday 8th and 9th

Social Sciences Department Office Hours 2019-2020

Özgür Topal Friday 8th and 9th
Eda Çak Friday 1st and 2nd
Sercan Kahraman Monday 1st and 2nd
Halil İbrahim Mali Friday 1st and 2nd
Erdem Arslan Friday 8th and 9th
Muhammet Arslan Tuesday 1st and 2nd
Sonali Sinha Roy Friday 4th and 5th
Andrew Painter Tuesday 1st and 2nd

Mathematics Department Office Hours 2019-2020

Russael BK Johanys Monday 4th and 5th
Pradeep Kumar Khanduri Monday and Tuesday 4th and 3rd
John Campbell Monday 7th and 8th
Asam Ali Monday 5th and 6th

Counselors Office Hours 2019-2020

Halime Akyurt Monday 1st and 2nd
Anıl Demirkol Tuesday 4th and 5th