High School


High School Prep Classes Entrance Exam Process and Acceptance Conditions

Students whose CGPA in the 5th, 6th, 7th grades and the first semester of 8th grade is at least 80 out of 100 are entitled to apply for a two-stage high school entrance examination.

In the First Stage (written exam), Turkish, Mathematics, Science and Technology, English and Nonverbal Reasoning Tests are included. The Second Stage consists of Turkish and English Essay Exams, Interview and Music and Art Exams.

The school registrations are made in June and the students are required to attend the Summer School in August (3 weeks in Ankara and two weeks in Erzurum).

Entrance Exam Application Documents

  1. Candidates fill in the online application form. Student photo needs to be attached to the entrance exam card at school when the application is authorized by the candidates’ parents.
  2. Recently taken 3 headshot photos

Transcript (taken from Middle School)

First Stage Entrance Exam (Written Exam)

First stage exam is held in only one session.

Candidates sit two examinations in the first stage. The first exam booklet consists of short-answer, open-ended and multiple choice questions from subjects such as Turkish, English, Mathematics, Science and Technology. The second exam booklet is a nonberval reasoning test.

Second Stage Entrance Exams

BELS accepts students to the prep classes in the high school in accordance with the Entrance Exam and Scholarships Directive. It is essential to evaluate the students’ general skills, levels of education, capabilities of music and art in the entrance examinations.

Second round consists of Turkish &  English essay, interview, art and music exams.

Candidate students’ parents are expected to come to attend a meeting organized by school administration in the second round to learn about the school mission-vision, academic programs and requiremens.

If the candidate is absent, late or does not take any of the second round tests, the candidate is not given another chance to take the exam later on.